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About This Reference

Information about what ProSim737 is, how it’s used in your simulator, and the purpose of this reference guide.

What is ProSim737?

The ProSim737 avionics software suite acts as the aircraft “brains” of a home-built (or professional) Boeing 737 flight simulator. It is a separate, standalone group of software programs that faithfully emulate the visual representation and flight characteristics of a Boeing 737 in the simulated world, along with the logic and behaviors of the aircraft systems to include the glass instrument displays, navigation facilities, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel, and much more.

It also acts as a bridge between your cockpit physical hardware inputs and outputs and the flight simulator software (currently Lockheed Martin Prepar3d and Microsoft Flight Simulator).

For example, that beacon light switch you flip in your cockpit talks to ProSim, which then interprets that as a software command to turn on the beacon, which is then passed to the simulator to visually show the beacon light turning on. Or, vice versa. That cold day in your simulator software translates to ProSim as a low temperature, which in turn affects aircraft logic and performance from air pressures to cabin temperatures and more, reflected in the instruments and readings you see in the cockpit. Very cool stuff!

If you want to give their software a try, please visit the ProSim web site or check out their Wiki for more info.

What is the Purpose of this Reference?

Even though ProSim is generally easy to use and configure, there are almost an overwhelming number of configurable options, some which may not be immediately obvious or detailed anywhere. Unfortunately, as good as the ProSim software suite is, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Since I use ProSim for my home-based sim, I decided to start documenting all the thousands of configuration items as a community reference we all could use to remember what something does or what it’s tied to. 

With any luck, maybe it’ll help you out some day.

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