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Combined Config Item Reference Table

Last Updated on June 26, 2023


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This page provides a reference for all configurable items within the ProSimB738 Combined Config menu. For corrections, contributions, or enhancement requests, please contact me.

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Data is organized into the following columns:

OrderWhen sorted ascending this is the order of configuration items in the ProSim config item menu. This is the default sorting order.
Config Item NameThe formal ProSim name for the config item and state.
Item GroupThe ProSim hardware group the config item is in. Applies only to switches. Related switch functions are grouped together under the item group name so you quickly identify all switch positions for that function.
SystemThe ProSim system group the item is in (e.g. Electric, Pneumatic, etc)
TypeThe config item type (e.g. Switch, Indicator, etc)
LocationThe physical location in the cockpit the item is related to.
Image*A close-up image of the hardware position for the selected config state.
Location Overview*The physical location of the selected item.
OEM Part #*If an OEM part number exists for the item, it will be listed here. Otherwise, other hardware options may be listed in the Notes section.
OEM Image*What the OEM part looks like.
Notes*Any good-to-know information regarding the input/output.
* You need to expand the row by either clicking on the row or clicking the Plus sign at the left of each row to view these items.


  • Search fields/drop-downs in the column headers allow you to quickly refine your search in real time.
  • The main search box allows for a unified search of the entire table.
  • You can sort each column using the arrow in the column header
  • Clicking on a Location takes you to the related panel diagram where you can perform a visual search for the item you’re interested in.

Config Item Table