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Overheads v2

This is my second generation build of a Boeing 737 overhead. This time I used FlightDeck Solutions panels and frames which are more robust and realistic than my first generation. This section is not completed, but gives you a general idea of what was involved.

Why a Version 2?

Why not? Haha. It seems like us builders are truly satisfied and are always looking for ways to make things better. In this case, though, I couldn’t pass up the chance!

I had originally wanted FlightDeck Solutions overhead panels with integrated back lighting, but I couldn’t afford them at the time. So, I decided to build my version 1 overheads from scratch instead. Some time after they were completed I came across someone on the other side of the world looking to get out of the hobby. He had a complete, unassembled overhead kit from FDS that he was willing to sell it all to me for a good price. Even with overseas shipping it turned out to be significantly cheaper than buying new, so it was a great opportunity.

That said, now I faced the prospect of having to rebuild my overheads from nearly scratch again. Porting all the wiring I did from the version 1 overheads just wasn’t realistic. It was worth it.

Lots of Parts!

When I received the boxes of FDS parts I now had to decide what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to re-use from my original overhead. All of the interface boards, gauges, and some of the wire I could use. The rest, unfortunately, was relegated to the scrap heap. It was painful tearing apart, but I knew the new overhead would be a complete overhaul in a good way.

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