Main Instrument Panel (MIP)

The Main Instrument Panel (or MIP) is where the primary bulk of work is done in the cockpit.  All your situational displays are here and the controls for the autopilot and flight management computer sit in the MIP as well.

My MIP consists of the following components:

Main Instrument Panel/Pedestal Bay: Flight Deck Solutions
Mode Control Panel (MCP): Flight Deck Solutions
Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS):  Flight Deck Solutions EFIS x 2
Control Display Unit (CDU): Flight Deck Solutions 737 CDU x 2
Captain’s Clock: Flight Deck Solutions
Capt/FO Displays (ND/PFD):  18.5 16:9 Aspect Dell LCD’s removed from bezels
Center Display (Upper EICAS):  15″ Dell 4:3 Aspect LCD removed from bezel
Lower Display (Lower EICAS): Flight Deck Solutions Lower EICAS Display Kit

I was going to wire everything myself, but decided at the time I wasn’t good enough at wiring so I had FDS make me a wiring harness.  For the few hundred extra dollars at the time it was well worth the money and I was able to plug everything right in within minutes.  Saved a ton of time and hassle!  I don’t think they make them any longer.

More to follow with more detailed pictures from behind the MIP.

Main Instrument Panel Gallery

Pictures of the Main Instrument Panel and related equipment.


    • Philippe geens on May 3, 2020 at 12:45 am
    • Reply

    What are you using as ifsd ?

    1. Hello Philippe, the ISFD is displayed by a 15″ LCD behind the MIP that is also shared by the upper EICAS. The ISFD bezel is not functional at this time. I hope to change that in the future.

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