My center pedestal was built from MDF using dimensions I could find around the Internet.  Problem is, no one’s measurements are the same, often centimeters apart so I used the real radio dimensions from Gables to determine the rail distances, and approximated as best I could the rest of the pedestal based on the numbers I did find.

I chose to create my own pre-drilled rails.  I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s a lot of very exacting work and a lot of hole drilling with a drill press.  I may swap the rails out for Dzus rails at some point, but if you haven’t looked up pricing for Dzus rails you’re in for a shock.  Which is why folks like FlightDeck Solutions charge a pretty penny for their pedestals, which use real DZus rails.

My real Fire Pull panel is actually a bit narrower than the hole I made for it in my pedestal so I’m going to have to rework some things.  But overall I think it came out looking pretty good.

The Jetmax 737 throttles were bought second hand.  I’m pretty happy with them.  Not nearly as heavy duty as the real thing, but they serve the purpose for now and look authentic.  They are not back-lit though.  For now that’s ok.  All the important functions work (no rotating trim wheels or trim indicator though).

Pedestal Gallery

Pictures of the center pedestal and throttle quadrant.

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