Currently, my visuals are simple and handled by one Prepar3d computer with a high-end graphics card outputting to a single short-throw Optoma projector which is projecting onto a flat collapsible screen. It’s enough to fly and test the sim as I progress through building phase, but the eventual goal is to have a display or displays surrounding the cockpit so all windows will be displaying something.

Collapsible screen and overhead projector for my current outside view.

One unfortunate thing about projecting/displaying on flat screens, be they one large screen in front of you or a large curved projection screen around your cockpit, is that you are subject to parallax. Parallax is an offset of the image you see depending on your eyepoint in the cockpit. For example, when the outside view being displayed to the P1 position (the Captain) looks correct, the P2 position (First Officer or FO) will see a view that is skewed by tens of degrees.

You can overcome Parrllax somewhat by placing a monitor/display for each window and tweaking the display so it correctly represents the view out that window.

This is why the simulators at airlines use collimated displays. These use a combination of projection and mirrors to bend the light in such a way that the image you’re seeing out the window appears 3-dimensional and always correct to your eyes, no matter your view point in the cockpit. But these are VERY expensive systems and out of the reach of the average simmer.

The closest you can hope to get is an old per-window collimated display which are difficult to find, but attainable and reasonably affordable if you’re willing to do the work to refurbish and transport them. They are HEAVY!

For now, the above flat screen will have to do in my setup until I have a better solution.

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