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All content related the cockpit enclosure structure including the shell, floor, and interior trim.

The P6 circuit breaker panel coming together and looking like it's supposed to.

Boeing 737 Sim Update – July 2022 – Circuit Breaker Panels

Working on adding real circuit breaker panels to my 737 cockpit.

Building a Boeing 737 Home Cockpit Rear Bulkhead

Time to start enclosing my cockpit shell with a rear bulkhead.

The Devil in the Details – Bringing my Simulated Boeing 737 Cockpit to Life With Some Extra Detail

Adding little details to your home-based flight simulator cockpit can really enhance the realism and enjoyment of the experience.  These last weeks I’ve been keeping busy by adding some little cockpit details to add some realism, and tying up some of those nagging loose ends. I’ll talk about some of the simple, yet useful enhancements …

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Paint, lots of paint!

After I finally finished the faux riveting of my sim base it was time to start painting everything. FYI, for this iteration of base I decided not to go with under-floor yokes for simplicity sake.  I’ll be building a base v2.0 out of metal in the not-too-distant future and it will be designed for real …

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Rivets and Sore Thumbs

I am nearing completion of my plywood cockpit floor/base (sort of, more on that later).  I had the brilliant idea that I wanted to make my cockpit floor look real by adding simulated rivets, helping increase the overall immersion.  Sounds great, right?  Well, I knew it would be a big task, and it was, but …

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